Saturday, 25 September 2010

I Made it...

Yarooooooooo! I made it to 40..  Yup I did.  Yesterday (24th Sept) I made it to the BIG 40..  How do I feel?  Well I feel great.  I thought I would be all depressed but you know, it's the people who love and care for you that made it special.  My 40th birthday was my best yet..  I must say it was a quiet day, I spent doing what I pleased, much like everyday, but there was that element of extra special happiness.

So I started the day off with The Three Degree's Mum, Charlie and Sonny serenading me the happy birthday song with a wonderful ball of flames cake.

So pretty and tasted fabulous.  Though no I did resist from having a piece for breakfast.

Some balloon's for the Birthday Girl.

Some flowers for the Birthday Girl.  Which has a funny story behind it.  I wanted to go out yesterday morning and mum kept saying that she had stuff to do.  I was like all huffy, thinking hey it's MY birthday, I want to go out.  Anyhoo jokingly I said to her, "oh I know you have surprised me with a strip-a-gram and that's what we are waiting for.  With that the doorbell rang and I was skipping to the door singing "HE'S HERE!" When I opened the door a much better surprise was waiting for me.  A fabby basket of flowers from mum and a box of Belgium Choc's.  Nom.. Nom.. Oh I was really over the moon.  I never had flowers delivered to me before.  It definitely was the best surprise I had.  I really love them.

I had a wonderful array of heart felt cards from my friends and family.  (Look there's my car sneaking into the picture)

My Kath Kidston Roberts Radio.  A gift I had early cos I nagged my mum to give it to me...  (This is why she don't buy me presents early, because I nick them)

Lastly the bestest prezzie of all.  Dylan my Guitar.  Isn't he just gorgey? I can' t play.  I'm waiting for lessons.  I have learned to play 2 notes and have really sore fingers at the moment.  Playing the Guitar is something I have wanted to learn for moons.  So now I can learn.  Although I think mum has donned earplugs.  You tube is really good, I am surfing around there looking at different way how to play, until I can get to my lessons.  I think learning to read the music will be harder for me.  Oh well I'll let you know how that goes.

So I really did have a wonderful day, so many thank you's to my friends and family who made it special.

Quilt along time now.  I have finally sewed up all my blocks and put them all together.  I learned that your seams must be perfect or it knocks the rest of it out of shape.  But I wasn't about to undo it.  Some of my blocks are on the wonky donkey side, but it's ok I have learned this for next time.

I don't know if you can see or not, that the blocks are slightly off.  Thank the honey bee's I picked a really fussy pattern, they are not as noticeable when you stand back to look.

Saying that I can see a lot of wonky ones.  I don't think it is too bad on my first try.  I am super nervous about next week *nibbles nails*

Oh well enough wiffy waffy waffle from me.  I'm off to do a bit of crochet, yes I'm still at mum's blanket.  Though I can't wait to finish it.  All the little piles of hexagons look really cosy and rich.

Have a fabahhhhh day xx

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