Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Quilt Along Cutting

Hi all, I hope you are doing well?  It's freezing I must say.  I dunno why and to top it off my hair is flat like a pancake..  Anyhooo The Quilt Along.  I have joined in.  Yep I have.  Am I brave or what?

The reason I decided to do this was, I had, had a go at doing at making a quilt before but failed miserably.  I have seen so many wonderful quilts,I just wanted to make one.  So this gives me the opportunity to learn a new skill and also makes some friends?

So I picked out my Jelly Roll which was a Moda Freebird.  And cut it into about 4000 pieces to make my squares and rectangles.  ( I hope I have cut them all properly lol.) Next week is the piecing, I am so nervous, because this is where I could go drastically wrong and it all become really doomed. So anyhooo I'm ready for my next week.

You can join in to if you would like to make yourself a little quilt.  Just pop over to  Fat Quarterly and join on in.  I hope to see you there x


  1. Ooh yay a quilt along!
    I must say quilting looks really hard... I have a friend who has just begun to hand sew one, wow!
    Looking forward to seeing how yours progresses!

  2. 4000 pieces ? sure ? ... ok ! I'm sure you've made tons of progress since your last quilt then this one should be a successful one ! Can't wait to see the result !

  3. by the way ... the fabrics look great ♥♥


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